Credentialing. Just the mention of the word can strike fear in to the hearts of your back office staff. Yet, credentialing can make or break a practice. Good credentialing that is complete, accurate, and up to date means clean claims will be paid. Bad credentialing can mean a complete stall of revenue from the associated payers, no matter how timely and accurate the billing.

Speed-Up You’re Credentialing Process with Our Certified Experts!
  • Are you spending hours on end poring over complex paperwork?
  • Scared about the consequences of incorrectly submitted documents?
  • Worried about not being compliant with federal regulations?
  • Are non-credentialed providers adding another layer of complexity to your billing process?
  • Do you often wish you had a credentialing expert on board?
Say Goodbye To Credentialing Worries!

Long phone wait times, endless paperwork, confusing regulations, are just a few of the reasons why credentialing is a nightmare for most healthcare organizations. Getting credentialed with insurers needn't be a nerve wracking anymore. Let MKS Health CPCS (Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist) handle your contracting, credentialing, re-credentialing needs!

Our credentialing specialists can help you get credentialed with all federal, commercial and workers' compensation insurance payers. They also provide clearinghouse enrolment services and EDI support. We follow a round-the-clock workflow and correspond during insurance working hours. We have multiple resources to backup downtime.

So, What Can We Do For You?!
  • Obtain NPI, Group NPI, Tax ID & CAQH ID
  • Provide Medicare revalidation support
  • Monitor the expiry date of all contracts
  • Contract/In-network physicians
  • Send weekly credentialing & contracting status reports
  • Obtain contracted allowable
  • Help with NPI registration
  • Handle managed care contracting issues

If your office is struggling with a credentialing back log or maybe just can't stand doing it any longer, MKS Health Company can help! Our practice management staff can provide credentialing services to ease your paperwork load and insure your medical claims are paid as quickly as possible.